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Plumber Tools And Equipment In The Bathroom — Mannix Plumbing In QLD

Residential & Commercial

Are you in need of reliable and affordable plumbing services?

At Mannix Plumbing, we provide cost effective plumbing solutions to clients in Brisbane. Armed with industry leading equipment and a highly experienced team of plumbers and excavation contractors; no jobs too big or too small for our team at Mannix Plumbing.

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Unrivalled Workmanship, Unbeatable Service

While we’re all about providing high-quality and affordable plumbing, we also love to have a laugh. We take great pride in every job we undertake and ensure high quality workmanship on all of our services. From fixing hot water to installations and blocked drains; we can do it all.

Smiling Technician Servicing An Hot Water Heater — Mannix Plumbing In QLD
Hot Water Systems — Mannix Plumbing In QLD

Hot Water Systems

Wave goodbye to cold showers with our hot water system services. Our Brisbane plumbers install and service all gas, electric, solar and heat pump systems.

Plumber Unclogs Swere Drain With His Plumbing Snake And Tools — Mannix Plumbing In QLD

Blocked Drains

Need help unclogging a blocked drain in Brisbane? Using industry leading equipment like our CCTV drain camera, we’ll get to the bottom of any blockage.

Installations — Mannix Plumbing In QLD


If you’re setting up a commercial food operation, our professional Brisbane plumbers can install grease traps to prevent fats, oils and grease damaging your drains.

Pipeline Pipes Entering Forest — Mannix Plumbing In QLD

Relining & Repairs

Our Brisbane plumbers can inspect your faulty grease trap and provide options for relining or repairing if replacement isn’t necessary. If suitable, this can be a much more cost-effective solution.

Backflow Prevention — Mannix Plumbing In QLD

Backflow Prevention

Our Brisbane plumbers will ensure you have clean drinking water by installing or servicing your backflow prevention device. These devices prevent unwanted reverse flow contamination.

Residential — Mannix Plumbing In QLD


If you need help with residential plumbing, our Brisbane plumbers can help. From installations to backflow prevention and more, we provide efficient and reliable services.

Black Manager Water Pipes In Condominium Building — Mannix Plumbing In QLD


From shopping centres to schools and businesses; our qualified Brisbane plumbers have the right tools and experience to tackle all types of commercial plumbing jobs.

Excavations — Mannix Plumbing In QLD


We take care of excavation work in Brisbane for small or large plumbing projects. From trenching to levelling and digging; we have the necessary equipment and experience to complete the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

From nasty odours to gurgling noises and flushing issues; blocked drains are usually easy to notice. They can also cause toilet water levels to rise, bath and sink water to drain slowly and can also result in toilet water taking longer than usual to refill.

Underground drainage issues can sometimes require us to use excavation equipment to access pipes. From digging to trenching and levelling; excavations go hand-in-hand with plumbing.

Councils and water corporations all over Australia mandate that grease traps need to be used in specific circumstances—in particular where commercial kitchens are present. Grease traps separate water from grease, oils and fats, allowing your water to safely flow through your drains. Our Brisbane plumbers are experts in grease trap installations, relining and repairs.

At Mannix Plumbing in Brisbane, we provide after-hours emergency plumbing services. If you have a burst pipe, blocked drain or any other plumbing emergency, simply give us a call and one of our qualified plumbers will be there in no time.

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