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At Mannix Plumbing, we provide residential and commercial plumbing on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and all-over Southeast Queensland.

Built on honesty, reliability and efficiency, we strive for complete customer satisfaction on every job. Offering free quotes and no call-out fees; we’re insured, licenced and love to have a laugh. Check out our Instagram feed for our latest adventures in plumbing.

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What We Do

Established in 2017, we’ve been helping customers with all aspects of their plumbing for nearly five years. From fixing leaky taps to unblocking drains, we provide the following and more:

If you find yourself in a bit of a plumbing pickle, we also provide a 24/7 emergency call-out service. For more information, give Tim a call on (07) 5655 4430 today!

Hot Water Systems — Mannix Plumbing In QLD

Hot Water Systems

We take care of all your hot water system maintenance, repair and installation needs. From gas to solar, electric and heat pumps; we handle it all.

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Blocked Drains

Offering a 24/7 emergency call-out service, we’ll unblock your drains at any time of the day. Our truck is equipped with a CCTV drain camera, electric eel and water jetting machine.

Installations — Mannix Plumbing In QLD


Prevent unwanted fat and oil clogging your drains by installing a grease trap. We set them up for home and business use—including restaurants, bakeries and school canteens.

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Relining & Repairs

Save time and money with our grease trap relining services. Instead of replacing your entire unit, we can often provide repair to ensure your business continues operating with minimal disruption.

Backflow Prevention — Mannix Plumbing In QLD

Backflow Prevention

Mandated by most councils, backflow prevention devices are required to prevent reverse flow contamination. We install, test and repair devices for SEQ homeowners and businesses.

Residential — Mannix Plumbing In QLD


From leaking taps and showers to burst pipes and clogged drains; we fix an extensive range of residential plumbing problems. We also provide 24/7 emergency repairs.

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Minimise your businesses’ downtime with our commercial plumbing services. From cafes to shopping centres and more; we’ll take care of all your commercial plumbing needs.

Excavations — Mannix Plumbing In QLD


At Mannix Plumbing, we supply fully trained excavation contractors. Our contractors operate the machines and equipment needed to undertake a wide variety of excavation jobs.


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