We Reline and Repair Grease Traps in Southeast Queensland

Grease Trap Reline — Mannix Plumbing In QLD

Grease Trap Relining & Repairs

At Mannix Plumbing, we offer an alternative to grease trap replacements for customers on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the rest of Southeast Queensland.

Completely removing and replacing your grease trap can be quite costly and force your business to temporarily close. That’s why our professional team can reline and repair grease traps where it makes more sense.

Using a durable epoxy coating, we can reline and rebuild traps to ensure your business continues operating. From concrete repairs to full baffle replacements and complete relining; our fully licensed plumbers can rehabilitate grease traps for a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

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Save Time & Money

Over time, oils and fats build up on grease trap walls and baffles, causing them to deteriorate. If not managed correctly, this build-up leads to cracks, holes and leaks. Once grease begins to leak out of a trap, it can cause significant damage to your pipework. At Mannix Plumbing, we can prevent all of this with regular servicing, repairs and relining where necessary.

We also have the equipment and experience to reline and rebuild concrete grease traps. The chemicals found within these traps can eat away at the concrete interior, resulting in significant damage if not properly maintained. But no need to worry, we’ll help you avoid these unnecessary problems; call (07) 5655 4430 today!

Grease Traps — Mannix Plumbing In QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we bypass the grease trap so there is no impact on business trade.

Yes, we complete repairs to all grease traps including domestic grease traps.

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