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Installation, Repair & Maintenance

At Mannix Plumbing, we provide hot water system installation, repair, and maintenance.

We service residential and commercial clients on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and the rest of Southeast Queensland. Working with heat pump, gas, solar and electrical systems; we stock plenty of parts for all the industry leading brands.

When choosing a new system, each type has its advantages and disadvantages—heat pumps for example, use 30 percent of the energy conventional electric systems do. If you’re after a more environmentally friendly alternative, consider a gas hot water system. They use less energy than electrical systems, with mains connection providing the best bang for buck over gas bottles. Find out more today; call us on (07) 5655 4430.

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Electrical vs Solar Hot Water

Electrical hot water systems boast low upfront costs, can be easily installed and are extremely efficient. They can be pre-set to reduce energy and allow for almost instant hot water at the turn of a tap. The main downside is they emit greenhouse gases and can be more expensive to run.

Solar hot water systems can be a costly upfront investment, however they’re a lot cheaper in the long run. As the most environmentally friendly option, solar is becoming more common among our clients—especially with rising electricity prices. Whatever hot water system you decide on, we’ll supply it, install it and provide you advice on maintenance.

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